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We specialize in these core areas...

The defining themes of the 21st century are: reorganize, reposition, restructure and reengineer; in short, to be infinitely resourceful with finite resources. Biddison Hier, Ltd. was established to provide pragmatic, achievable and creative strategies to higher education for a wide range of resource planning and management projects. Our focus is helping institutions align resources with mission - translating high level strategic goals into specific, implementable actions and solutions. Our resource planning provides answers to critical questions in several key areas of the university:

STUDENT HOUSING: What types of housing investments are required to improve students' residential life experience and enhance housing as a recruitment and retention tool? What are the costs of these investments and how can they be funded?


CAMPUS AMENITIES / CAMPUS LIFE: What are the critical elements of a vibrant campus community? How does the institution measure up? What opportunities are there to leverage existing amenities to foster interaction and community-building among campus constituents and enhance the experience of living in an academic community?


CLASSROOMS: Does the university have the right type and mix of instructional space? How does it align with current and anticipated pedagogies? How well is existing space used and what options exist for better use through policy, operational or physical changes? Are current uses of existing spaces the "highest and best use" of campus real estate? What are best practices at other institutions and how can they be applied / adapted for the institution?


TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT: What is the best way to allocate scarce transportation resources (e.g., physical inventory, transportation subsidies, campus-wide public transportation) to address critical transportation needs on campus in fiscally responsible ways? How can the demand for additional campus parking be managed and what are realistic funding options for new construction?


PRIVATIZATION / OUTSOURCING: What services are core to the institution vs. amenable for outsourcing? What are the pros and cons of working with the private sector in delivering university services? How should deals be structured to protect the university's interests?


UNIVERSITY-DRIVEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: What role can / should the university play in driving economic development, whether through neighborhood revitalization efforts or harnessing university technologies for transfer and commercialization?

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