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A history of real experience ... 


For nearly two decades, Biddison Hier, Ltd. has been providing resource planning and management services nationwide to public and private institutions of higher education.

As a result of our years of experience working with mission-driven organizations, our consulting approach is based on three premises: (1) sensitivity and skill in working with consensus-based decisionmaking organizations, (2) adapting the "best practices" of the private sector and institutional leaders to the mission-sensitive needs of higher education, and (3) rigorous, objective data collection and analysis to assist institutions in determining alternative solutions, making informed choices, and crafting creative solutions to the many challenges facing higher education. Our clients include some of the most distinguished and progressive institutions in the country, including the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Virginia, Duke University, and George Mason University. We have strength and experience in four key areas: 


We have helped institutions achieve exceptional results in the following areas:

Projects Successfully Developed
More than $1 billion in projects are underway or have been completed on the basis of our capital project planning and financial strategies.

Improved Use of Facilities
Our performance and utilization recommendations have helped institutions gain significant square footage, while avoiding millions of dollars in new construction costs.

Building Consensus for Change
Our objective data has laid the foundation to support successful strategies to build consensus for change.

Private Sector Partnering
We¹re a national leader in advising and structuring partnerships between universities and the private sector.

Campus Redevelopment
Our concepts for campus redevelopment have substantially improved the quality of campus life and strengthened recruitment and retention.

Staffing Efficiencies
By reorganizing organizational structures, we have helped institutions operate more effectively.

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